Letter from the president

Zeraus began with a dream: to create a high-end niche epoxy company that offers a new line of high performance environmentally conscientious engineered coatings to average consumers and specialized contractors alike that are easy to use yet long lasting!

In 2005, Zeraus Products Inc. was founded. Since then it quickly established a leading position in the Canadian coating/flooring market by drawing upon nearly three decades of technical know-how and expertise in the industry. We develop our own products in a well-equipped laboratory located in our head office in Vaughan (north of Toronto). We offer our customers a unique combination of various technology platforms, problem solving, on-site job training and support, custom formulations and product development skills. Our flexibility and ability to rapidly respond to both customer and market needs is unparalleled in the industry!

Zeraus Products Inc. continually strives to bring to our customers the latest advances in technology and raw materials into our product offering. Continuous upgrading, refinement and product enhancement ensures that Zeraus offers the best products that combine cost effectiveness with superior field performance; they are second to none!

I am the president and founder of Zeraus Products Inc. I have held technical leadership positions with some of the leading Canadian and multinational chemical organizations. In this capacity, I have generated numerous successful high-end products that are currently utilized around the globe. My solid academic background, expertise and comprehensive knowledge were the building blocks of Zeraus’ success today. Our strong management team is of high caliber, ensures this success will continue and progress across the entire nation and beyond.

In this rapidly changing world, we must look to new creative and innovative solutions to resolve complex problems. We pride ourselves on staying in the forefront of technological advancement, allowing us to continue to satisfy our customers' needs. We have built our reputation and success on our commitment to technical excellence and exceptional service. We work hard to forge long-term relationships with our customers that enable them to improve their bottom lines through shared ideas and innovative solutions.

Atta Zaghloul, M.Sc.
President & General Manager


Showroom & Sales Office

Please visit our new "showroom & sales office" site located at:

250 Rayette Road, Unit 18
Concord, Ontario L4K 2G6

Tel: 905-761-9920