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DIY Epoxy Floor Metallic Installation

DIY Epoxy Floor Metallic Installation

If you are building a new home or undertaking a renovation, considering the use of a new trend of metallic looking epoxy floor would be a smarter choice. Why? Have you ever stopped and considered the appeal of epoxy metallic floor? These artistically designed floors with special effects exhibit unique three-dimensional and colour shifting properties like no other. Want to explore the possibilities further? Read on.

Guide to Epoxy Flooring

You may think that a DIY epoxy floor metallic look would be very challenging to achieve. To a certain extent, it would. However, it can be made easier with a little help.

To achieve that attractive metallic look with a quick installation process, here is a guide to how you can install metallic flooring:

  1. Everything begins with floor preparation. This means getting the surface to be completely clean of dust, debris, and any other material that may soil it. If the floor is a concrete surface, diamond grinding or sanding with aggressive 25 grits sander would be advisable. All cracks must be filled with epoxy gel, then allow it to harden and sand it or grind it to an even surface.
  2. Following the floor preparation is the application of the primer. We suggest using a solid coloured epoxy primer capable of hiding the floor imperfections. Allow for the prime coat to cure.
  3. After the prime coat has completely cured, the floor is ready for the application of the metallic floor. ZeraOrnate MF is sold as a complete unit A & B that already contains the metallic powder for better consistency and performance. A drill and paddle mixer is needed to mechanically mix them together.
  4. Pour out the sealer on the floor using a long trail and spread it around. There is no specific way to do this, use your imagination in creating the design you want for your flooring. Refer to our Metallic Flooring data sheet here, for our specific technique. It is also important to wear the right shoes (spike shoes) when applying epoxy floor coating. Spread the material evenly using a notched squeegee and back roll using a 6-mm short nap lint free roller.
  5. In about 15 minutes or so, walk on the floor with your spike shoes and use a leaf blower to remove all roller marks and generate that unique, attractive design.
  6. No, it does not end with allowing the epoxy metallic coating to cure out. We suggest, optionally, that you apply a top coat. This will act as a sealer to help the flooring endure all the abuse it can take. A clear high gloss polyaspartic acid, clear colour stable epoxy (ZeraKlear) or waterborne clear high gloss polyurethane ZeraTuf W-104 may be used. Before applying the topcoat, the metallic floor can be screened with a 150-grit sanding screen and cleared of all debris to ensure a smooth attractive finish.

Following these simple steps will allow you to complete an epoxy metallic coat.

Q&A About Epoxy Floor Metallic

There are some common concerns that may arise when doing an epoxy coating on your floors. Here are some of the possible questions that may arise before, during, and after the floor coating process.

Why is there dust and debris in the coating?

It is possible that after you have completely painted your flooring that you will find dust and debris in the coating. Why is this? This is commonly linked to the long drying times of the coating that allows dust to settle in the coating.

To avoid this problem, make sure that the area is extremely clean and dust-free; close all vents, use lint-free rollers, and use plastic poly sheeting to close entry ways.

Why can’t I get the correct color?

Here are some things to consider:

  • The epoxy coating is self-leveling so it constantly shifts, which can be up to a few hours.
  • Some metallic colors may weigh more so they stay in place longer compared to lighter shades.
  • Colors will react with each other so it is reasonable to assume that there will be unpredictable results.
  • Individual artistic techniques of spreading the coating will also be a factor on the results.
  • The floor is never symmetric in appearance when it comes to metallic finish. It is an artistic floor that has a hint of surprise to the final aesthetics.

Why are there roller marks?

100% solids should be applied thick (20 mils) to get a high build and self-level so that imperfections do not become visible. The roller marks can be eliminated either by dispersing them into the coating 15 minutes or so after the application, or by using a leaf blower or air compression.

If you have more questions on epoxy coating your floors, Zeraus Products Inc. can help. Contact us today.


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