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Product Technical & Material Safety Data Information

The most updated Technical Data Sheet (TDS) in blue and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in green of all Zeraus product lines can be downloaded in PDF by clicking on the arrows below. The new safety data sheets of all of our products are currently being updated. Contact us for more details.

Product TDS MSDS
ZeraBond 35
ZeraBond Type 3
ZeraBond Type 5FC
ZeraBrite SA
ZeraClad EW-55
ZeraClad V-100
ZeraCote W-205
ZeraCryl Cure & Seal WB
ZeraCryl W
ZeraDeck 99M
ZeraDelux Primer
ZeraDelux SL-Granucol
ZeraDur 99PLUS
ZeraDur 99SC Clear
ZeraDur 99SC Garage Kit
ZeraDur 100
ZeraDur 102UL
ZeraDur 200
ZeraDur 210HD
ZeraDur 250CR
ZeraDur N300CR
ZeraDur Safety Yellow
ZeraFlex HB
ZeraFlex PR100
Product TDS MSDS
ZeraGuard DC100
ZeraHard LSD
ZeraKlear CR
ZeraKlear FC
ZeraKlear UL
ZeraLite W Sealer
ZeraMite DC Plus
ZeraOrnate MF
ZeraPatch Semi-Gel
ZeraPrime 86UF
ZeraPrime 95DS
ZeraPrime 100FS
ZeraPrime W-48FS
ZeraPrime W-130FS
ZeraSeal W-50UL
ZeraShield 101MC
ZeraSpart 100
ZeraStout EW
ZeraTop E-100
ZeraTuf W-102
ZeraTuf W-104