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Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

ZeraDur™ & ZeraKlear™ are a family of premium quality floor coatings that provide an aesthetically pleasing durable finish. These systems are easy to use and available in a wide range of standard colors. They are the ideal products for high-end epoxy contractors.



Recommended For

  • Recreational complexes
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals & restaurants
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Electronic plants
  • Dairy plants
  • Storage & logistic areas
  • Light duty disposal rooms
  • Residential garages
  • Auto body & workshops
  • Commercial kitchen floors
  • Oil refinery operations


  • Low odor, contains no xylene solvent or other HAPs
  • Resistant to staining or yellowing in interior applications
  • High gloss with outstanding clarity
  • Superior adhesion to concrete
  • Good wear resistance
  • Excellent water-spotting resistance
  • Resistant to water, oil, salts, alcohols, caustics and food acids
  • Easily cleaned, maintained, and sanitized

ZeraDur™ Product Line

ZeraDur™ 100
A solvent-free, no odor, 100% solids, general purpose two-component epoxy coating with a moderate level of chemical resistance to most common mild acids and household chemicals. It is available in 16 standard colors, and is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. A faster-cure version is also available (ZeraDur 100FC).

Standard ZeraDur 100 Colors


ZeraDur™ 102UL
An advanced, two-component, 100% solids UV-resistant epoxy coating that provides an aesthetically pleasing tough and high gloss show-room quality finish for interior concrete floors. ZeraDur 102UL is specially formulated based on a color stable cycloaliphatic amine hardener, as well as UV blocker/stabilizer additives. When considering long term UV stability, ZeraDur 102UL is not on par with aliphatic urethane, polyaspartic acid coating or acrylic MMA. Nonetheless, it is the best in its class of high performance epoxy, and in the overall market in terms of color stability. ZeraDur 102 UL is recommended for dealership showrooms, aircraft hangars and residential parking garages that may be subjected to intermittent direct sun exposure.

ZeraDur™ 200
This high-performance 100% solids epoxy coating exhibits very good all-around resistance to alkalis, solvents, and most mineral acids. It combines excellent aesthetics, color stability, fast-setting and outstanding durability.  It is designed for many applications including laboratories, pharmaceutical industries and steel manufacturing facilities.


ZeraSeal  E-100
A commercial-grade 100% solids, solvent-free, two component epoxy floor coating that provides an aesthetically pleasing durable finish. Available in clear and grey. Recommended for hospitals, laboratories, locker rooms, schools, cafeterias, washrooms, showrooms, basements, retails, institutional buildings, fire stations, garage floors, warehouse facilities, storage areas, recreational complexes, studios, auto body and workshops.

ZeraDur™ Line Paint (Safety Yellow)

A lead-free, high gloss, heavy duty, two-component, zone yellow 100% solids epoxy floor line paint. It is fast setting (4 hours cure), excellent hiding properties and does not blush or bleed, creating an attractive durable finish. It is used to identify caution or hazardous working areas in interior industrial environments.

ZeraPrime™ Product Line

ZeraPrime 95DS epoxy primer like no other!


 ZeraPrime™ 95DS

  • Adheres firmly to green (7 days old), damp and dry concrete
  • Bonds to marginally prepared or otherwise hard to adhere to concrete slabs
  • Adheres to slightly contaminated oily surfaces
  • Cures at as low of a temperature as 5°C (54°F)
  • Excellent ability in sealing concrete floor, minimizing or eliminating outgassing
  • High solids (95%) with very low odor
  • Fast setting time for quick turnaround projects
  • Easy to apply, low viscosity for maximum penetration
  • Cures under high humidity and adverse conditions with no blushing or exudation
  • Excellent film appearance

ZeraPrime™ 100FS
A high performance, two-component, 100% solids, low viscosity epoxy primer for dry concrete surfaces. ZeraPrime™ 100FS is recommended for use with Zeraus' epoxy flooring systems. Its low viscosity allows the primer to penetrate deep into the concrete surface to seal the concrete from out-gassing.

ZeraPrime™ W-48FS
A fast setting, clear, two-component, waterborne epoxy primer and bonding agent. It is specially formulated based on cutting-edge technology that creates a unique microporous coating that is breathable. ZeraPrime™ W-48FS is designed primarily as a concrete primer for epoxy coatings as well as other waterborne acrylic or polyurethane coatings. It promotes adhesion to damp, dry or even green (7 days old) concrete surfaces and allows the concrete to be sealed from outgassing. It can be used on garage floors, slab-on-grade, porches, balcony decks, and etc.

ZeraSeal™ W-50UL (formerly ZeraPrime™ W-50UL)
A unique ultra-light clear two-component waterborne epoxy primer and sealer for concrete and wood. It is flexible, non-toxic, low in VOC and virtually odorless. Unlike other water-based epoxies, ZeraSeal ™ W-50UL is water-white, color stable relative to all other epoxy coating or sealers and does not alter the natural color or appearance of the concrete surface. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. ZeraSeal™ W-50UL is designed primarily as a primer for decorative prepared concrete or wood substrates. Due to its light color and good color stability, it is ideal for use under clear epoxy or aliphatic urethane, polyaspartic coatings for decorative interior and exterior applications. It can also be used for art stones and other similar applications. Due to its excellent flow and penetration properties ZeraSeal™ W-50UL is recommended as a primer/sealer for interior wood prior to the application of high performance epoxy coatings.

ZeraSeal™ W-130FS
A high performance fastsetting, versatile, two-component, waterborne epoxy concrete primer and sealer. ZeraSeal™ W-130FS is offered in tintable white and grey with excellent hiding power in one coat application. ZeraSeal™ W-130FS can be used as a damp surface concrete primer for interior or exterior applications. It is ideal as a primer in conjunction with ZeraDur (100% solids epoxy or polyaspartic) for residential garages and commercial warehouse facilities; and in conjunction with waterborne urethane or polyaspartic coating for porches and swimming pool decks.

ZeraKlear™ Product Line

A multi-purpose, 100% solids, two-component high gloss epoxy coating with excellent clarity. It provides an attractive, tough, durable finish for interior commercial flooring and warehouse applications. It is versatile, and can be applied as a smooth or non-slip coating depending on the customer's requirement.

ZeraKlear™ UL
An advanced decorative clear 100% solids UV-resistant epoxy coating. It provides a highly attractive clear, tough, glossy coating which creates a deep, glass-like appearance on any sealed surface. ZeraKlear UL is specially formulated based on a color stable cycloaliphatic amine hardener, as well as UV blocker/stabilizer additives. Together this provides maximum UV protection for indoor applications. ZeraKlear UL is recommended as a decorative application as a clear topcoat over flakes-epoxy flooring, multi-colored quartz and metallic epoxy flooring. It is especially suited for residential parking garages that may be subjected to intermittent direct sun exposure.

ZeraKlear™ FC
A 100% solids, two-component fast-setting (4 hours) clear epoxy primer and coating that cures as low as 5°C. It has non-ambering characteristic for interior applications and may be used in combination with epoxy colorant additive to produce colored coating finishes that are very attractive and highly durable.

ZeraKlear™ CR
A 100% solids, two-component, clear epoxy coating that possesses good all-around chemical resistance. It generates a hard-smooth attractive gloss finish with excellent mechanical strength and durability.

ZeraCrystal™ (Clear)
A two-component, 100% solids, crystal clear epoxy coating that provides an attractive, tough, durable finish. It is recommended for use as casting materials, countertop, and decorative flooring that requires high level of transparency and clarity. It is designed to be applied at 20 mils film thickness up to 60 mils in a one coat application.

ZeraFlex™ Product Line

ZeraFlex™ HB
A two-component, 100% solids coating based on our unique epoxy urethane hybrid technology. It combines the flexibility, toughness, and impact resistance of polyurethane with the superior adhesion, hardness and handling properties of epoxy. It can be used on a wide range of substrates from concrete, to metal, wood, ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles. It also recommended for commercial kitchen and mechanical room applications.

ZeraGuard™ Product Line

ZeraGuard™ HB
It is ultimate in performance that is combining maximum hardness, abrasion and scratch resistance with chemical resistance. It is a high-build, hard wearing, three-part epoxy self-leveling floor coating consisting of 100% solids, low viscosity epoxy (ZeraDur 100) with Zeraus Aluminum Oxide extender. It is easily applied by using a notched squeegee and roller to a 20 mils film thickness in one application over a properly prepared primed floor. ZeraGuard™ HB can be applied to obtain a smooth glossy surface or a non-slip finish (using a 20-mesh highly abrasion resistant aluminum oxide aggregate). It is suitable for heavy duty use in both industrial and commercial applications, including disposal rooms (in condominium buildings), loading areas, jails, stadiums, ramps, foundries, steel industries, offshore, mining, petrochemicals, workshops and heavy traffic isles.

ZeraGuard™ DC100
A 100% solids, two-component flexible epoxy floor coating that is designed for heavy-duty vehicular traffic applications. It is resistant to chemicals and the corrosive effects of de-icing salts, water, oil and petroleum. It contains a high-level of fine grade aluminum oxide powder to generate maximum scratch and abrasion resistance performance. ZeraGuard™ DC100 is recommended as a topcoat (tie-coat) for fully-seeded broadcast traffic deck system for condominium parking garages. It is used in conjunction with ZeraTop E-100.


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