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A Self-Levelling Multicolored Epoxy Quartz Floor

ZeraDelux SL-Granucol It is a multi-colored monolithic self-levelling floor topping that is a 100% solids, three-component epoxy system consisting of ZeraDelux SL ultra-clear epoxy in combination with Granucol, multi-colored aggregate.

It is faster in terms of application and more economical than the traditional multi-colored quartz broadcasting system. It takes only one step instead of 3 steps to generate the desired performance.


  • A smooth, seamless and highly aesthetic finish.
  • High-build coating in a one-coat application.
  • Provides for a cleaner, safer, and more sanitary work environment.
  • Low odour, 100% solids, durable, low maintenance coating.
  • Lightweight material compared to a standard broadcast quartz system.



Ease of Application


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