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Non-Slip Balcony Coating


Exterior Deck Coating

ZeraStout™ EW is an economical and effective solution to protect your balcony deck structures from the detrimental effects of the environment. It is more economical than any other multi-layer commercial balcony deck coating and is far superior to low-end alkyd, acrylic or latex paints.

Colors: available in three standard colors: silver grey, gun metal grey and stone beige. Other colors can be made available based on minimum 50 gallon order.



Economical, One-Coat Application With Proven Performance That Lasts For Years

Benefits and Features

  • Odorless, safe; non-toxic; no disruption to condominium living
  • Easy to use in one coat application, saving both time and money
  • Nano-based coating, offering excellent UV resistance and color stability
  • Strongly adheres to properly prepared damp or dry concrete
  • Breathable; yields film with good barrier properties
  • Fast development of strength and early rain resistance
  • Fast drying (sets in 4 hours); allows multiple applications in a day if needed
  • Uniform non-slip finish; offers great resistance to slippage, yet is easy to walk on barefoot (contains no sand aggregate)
  • Does not peel or disintegrate like alkyd or latex paints
  • Resistant to water, snow, salts and acid rain
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Hairline cracks in the concrete slab can be easily repaired if damaged

Protect Your Investment

Failing to protect your balcony deck when it is new can result in severe damages overall such as the breaking up of concrete slab, scaling to the common delamination and exposure of the reinforcement bars. This would ultimately severe the structural integrity of the deck as far as leading to the collapse of the deck itself and even causing the loss of your life.


High-Profile Projects Using ZeraStout™ EW

  • The Eglinton Residences , 161 Eglinton, Toronto (31,000 sq. ft.) - completed 2018 by Menkes Development
  • Noir Residences, Peter Street, Toronto (38,000 sq.ft.) – October 2017 by Menkes Development
  • Perspective Condos, Toronto (30,000 sq.ft.) – October 2016 by Menkes Development
  • Fabrik Residence, Richmond Street, Toronto (15,000 sq. ft.) – October 2016 by Menkes Development
  • Pears Residences, Avenue Road, Toronto (24,000 sq. ft.) – November 2015 by Menkes Development
  • Gibson Square Residences, Yonge Street, Toronto (74,000 sq. ft.) – October 2014 by Menkes Development
  • One Sherway Condominiums, Etobicoke, Ontario (48,000 sq. ft.) – September 2013 by Menkes Development
  • Savvy Residences, Toronto (19,000 sq. ft.) – August 2012 by Menkes Development
  • Lumiere Project, Bay Street, Toronto (37,000 sq. ft.) -September 2010 by Menkes Development

Alternative Urethane Non-Slip System

This system consists of one coat of ZeraFlex PR100 containing non-slip additives plus one coat of ZeraCote W-205 NS waterborne UV- resistant aliphatic urethane. It is designed for balcony restoration, residential and DIY applications. While it is a two-step process, this system provides more UV resistance and long term color stability than ZeraStout EW. For slab-on-grade, such as walkways or around swimming pools, ZeraPrime W-48FS is recommended because of its breathability.


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