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Specialty Products


ZeraHard LSD

ZeraHard™ LSD is a premium high strength waterborne lithium silicate solution designed as a concrete floor densifier, hardener and sealer. It reacts with the cementitious ingredients of the concrete floor to densify while allowing deep penetration to chemically harden and fortify the substrate. The treated surfaces resist damage from water moisture and efflorescence while remaining breathable. ZeraHard™ LSD is a cost-effective treatment that will extend the nominal service life of concrete and reduce ongoing floor maintenance costs. It provides long lasting dust proof performance and abrasion resistance.

ZeraShield 101MC

ZeraShield™ 101 MC is a high performance one-coat moisture vapor emission barrier system, 100% solids, two-part epoxy that is designed to suppress excessive moisture in new or existing concrete slabs prior to application of epoxy floor coatings. ZeraShield™101 MC penetrates into the concrete slab forming a solid film layer on the surface for moisture transmission reduction. ZeraShield™ 101 MC may be used at different coverage rates depending on the level of moisture vapor emission control required and the age (number of curing days) of the concrete. ZeraShield™ 101 MC will prevent or minimize damages (either floor failure or mold growth) from moisture when it gets trapped under polymer flooring or other flooring materials such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl/composite flooring, carpeting and tiles. It provides protection by penetrating deep into the concrete substrate while creating a solid film layer on the surface for moisture transmission reduction.

ZeraSeal Product Line

Epoxy Fortified Wood Sealer & Primer

ZeraSeal PS

ZeraSeal™ PS is a two-component epoxy, high solids, penetrating fortified wood sealer. It penetrates deeply into the porosity of wood substrates, consolidating the wood fibers, increasing their strength, blocking out water and providing long lasting protection against any contact with chemicals and the weather. ZeraSeal™ PS is designed for new (but weathered) wood as well as for repairing and restoring old and damaged wood.




  • Ease of application applied by using a brush or roller
  • Has low odour; contains no xylene or “hazardous air pollutants” solvents (HAP”s)
  • Toughness and durability of a structural epoxy sealer
  • Flexible to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wood species
  • Easy one to one mixing ratio for ease of application
  • Excellent adhesion to wood
  • Outstanding water and moisture resistance
  • Enhances the mechanical strength and cohesion of wood
  • Resistant to rotting, rain, ice, oil, and petroleum products
ZeraSeal PS can also be used in a variety of wood protective systems. Please refer to the Wood Composite Epoxy Overlay here.


ZeraSeal W-50UL

ZeraSeal™ W-50UL is a unique ultra-light, clear two-component universal waterborne epoxy sealer. It is flexible, non-toxic, low in VOC and virtually odourless; it is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

ZeraSeal™ W-50UL is versatile product that can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • As a primer for concrete or cementitious floors which demands minimum alteration of the natural shade or appearance of the concrete substrate and does not alter the natural colour or appearance of the concrete surface.
  • As an exterior wood sealer. Unlike other water-based epoxies, ZeraSeal™ W-50UL is water-white with superior colour stability relative to solvent-based epoxy. The sealer has excellent flexibility to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wood substrate. It is also breathable.
  • As a clear topcoat (glaze) over other waterborne epoxy coatings. It has excellent gloss and clarity.

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