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Staining Concrete

Concrete Stain is one of the most stylish concrete finishes on the market today. Unlike paints that produce opaque finishes, stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep, and attractive translucent tones. Concrete staining transforms an otherwise dull and ordinary concrete slab into a luxurious floor, resembling marble of glazed stone, and it does it in a cost-effective way.

There are three types of concrete staining systems available in the market today: acid-based, acetone-based, and water-based. Our waterborne epoxy (ZeraPrime W-50UL) can be used as concrete stain simply by adding an appropriate amount of colorant to match your specific design requirement. ZeraKlear (100% solids clear) may be used as basecoat. A satin-finish ZeraTuf 102 (waterborne urethane) is then used as a topcoat to control the sheen as well as protect it from scratches, black heal marks or abrasion. An acetone-based stain may also be spray-applied on the concrete followed by ZeraKlear (100% solids clear epoxy) and ZeraTuf W-102, ZeraTuf W-104 or clear polyaspartic acid as a topcoat.



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