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Heavy Duty Wall Coatings

ZeraClad Product Line

ZeraClad™ V-100
It is a high performance two-component, 100% solids epoxy wall coating that provides an aesthetically pleasing high gloss show-room quality finish for interior applications. It combines toughness, scratch resistance and chemical resistance. It is a highly durable coating and specially formulated based on a color stable cycloaliphatic amine hardener, as well as UV blocker/stabilizer additives. Together this provides maximum UV protection for indoor applications. ZeraClad V-100 is recommended as a wall coating for laboratories, shower rooms, locker-rooms , hospitals, warehouse facilities, food and meat packaging plants, breweries, recreational facilities, underwater fountains and pharmaceutical plants.

ZeraClad™ V-200CR
A 100% solids, two-component, tough, non-sag, epoxy coating with excellent chemical resistance. It is recommended for use in manufacturing facilities, pulp & papers industries, chemical processing plants, steel and metal plants, food and meat packaging, breweries and pharmaceutical plants.


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