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Acid Etching Technique

This method is only acceptable for >new clean concrete flooring.  It is never recommended for concrete flooring that was cured with a concrete curing compound or has old paint or sealer.

>Please adhere tightly to the following instructions:


  1. dilute the commercial muriatic acid with water at one volume acid and two volumes of water
  2. the application rate required (for the diluted acid) is about 500 ml/m² (1 pint/10 ft²); do not allow acid solution to form pools on the floor.
  3. spread the solution evenly using a broom over the entire floor
  4. the acid solution should be worked onto the surface by hard-bristled brooms until complete wetting and coverage is obtained. The acid will react with the concrete surface (for 5 minutes)  and bubble vigorously for a few minutes. During this time, brushing should continue
  5. before rinsing look for areas where bubbling did not occur. These areas may require further application of acid solution.
  6. after 10-15 minutes, the bubbling will have subsided (acid solution has stopped foaming) and slurry will be left on the surface; power wash the floor area (or use garden hose) with clean water.> Do not  allow the floor to dry prior to rinsing as salts formed by the acid reaction with the concrete will cause adhesion problems.
  7. it is essential to neutralize the acid-etched surface to prevent poor adhesion. While the floor is still wet apply a solution of 3% TSP in water at approximately 100 ft²/US gallon (2.4 m³/l).  Scrub into floor; allow to stand for 5 minutes and power wash with clean water
  8. the finished surface should have a "medium sandpaper-like" texture
  9. finally, squeegee and mop floor of all free standing water.
  10. allow the concrete to dry completely 2 days before using  ZeraDur™  over etched concrete.



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