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Decorative Epoxy Flooring Systems

Zeraus Products Inc. offers the entire spectrum of decorative epoxy flooring systems based on our advanced epoxy and waterborne coating technologies. They are specially formulated for both interior and exterior applications that combine both elegance and durability. Whether you’re an architect, designer or a home renovator, our complete range of products are available in a variety of choices and designs to meet you style and budget needs!

Where to Use
These stylish flooring systems are recommended for endless applications, including hotel lobbies, offices, retail shops, shopping malls, art galleries, studios, showrooms, lofts, furniture stores, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, basements, counter tops and garage floors.


Metallic Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Metallic Flooring

ZeraOrnate MF is an exotic multi-layer flooring system utilizing a 100% solids ...

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Decorative Epoxy Flooring Systems

Multi-Colored SL Quartz System

ZeraDelux SL-Granucol It is a multi-colored monolithic self-leveling floor topping that...

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Staining Epoxy Floor

Staining Concrete

Concrete Stain is one of the most stylish concrete finishes on the market today...

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Epoxy Flooring

Natural Clear Epoxy Floors

Natural looking epoxy floors are the most widely used over existing concrete in ...

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Flake Floor

Flake Flooring System

ZeraTex FL is a multi-layer decorative flooring system consisting of an epoxy ...

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White Floor

Pure White Floors

Consists of 100% solids ZeraDur 100 White (two coat application), color stable ...

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Exterior Concrete

Exterior Concrete Finishes

We offer a number of sealers, primers and topcoats for exterior decorative concrete ...

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